Estate Planning




Estate Planning

Whether you've spent an entire life accumulating wealth and assets or just beginning your professional career at an early age, it's only in your nature to take every step to ensure that your assets are protected and that your final wishes are recognized upon your death or incapacity.  At VIA Lawyers, with attorneys specializing in trusts, wills, and estate planning, we do just that. We understand that concerns related to estate planning and will drafting are a top priority to Florida residents.  We also understand that many complex issues arise when planning for your estate, but at VIA Lawyers, our firm provides experienced counsel for these necessities. 


At VIA Lawyers we believe no estate plan is complete unless you have prepared a will and testament dictating where you want your assets to go, who will be in charge of such assets, and all other important wishes upon your death. The creation of a will is perhaps the most important to any Florida resident's estate planning.  It ensures that your wishes are followed upon death, and it outlines who will receive your property upon death. At VIA Lawyers we guide you in creating a will that best suits your wishes. Your will allows you to choose and name a personal representative that will then administer your estate. Without this personal representative and without a will, your belongings and estate will be subject to Florida laws during the probate process and your wishes may not be granted. Under Florida law, the creation of a will is a very formal process with certain requirements to be met in order for a will to be recognized by a court. Our goal at VIA Lawyers is to help make the process a more enjoyable one. 


Some Florida residents wish to include or use trusts in their estate planning. Our attorneys at VIA Lawyers are also very well prepared and trained to help you prepare the trust. Unlike a will, a trust is not only effective at death, it can be established during one's lifetime and can become effective or useful during one's lifetime. The trust usually holds assets for you as the grantor or for others as the beneficiaries. A trust is sometimes preferred over a will because it usually allows an individual to have more control over how assets are distributed to beneficiaries. A trust has to be properly administered under Florida laws. If you are looking for a reliant lawyer to help you administer a trust then VIA Lawyers is right at your fingertips. Call us for a no-obligation consultation.

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At VIA Lawyers, we focus on Real Estate Law, and as members of The Attorneys' Title Fund, we have authority to issue title commitments, policies, and closing protection letters, thus making your buying or refinancing process as smooth and seamless as possible. Whether you are buying, selling, or refinancing either commercial or residential property, contact our office for a quote.

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